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Anaheim Pediatric Dentist

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Your Baby’s New Teeth in Anaheim

Having a baby means relying on the expertise of specialists because it’s simply not possible for any parent to have an unlimited bank of knowledge about everything. Let us assure you that at Jungle dental, our Anaheim pediatric dentist is dedicated to being your source of advice and guidance on many aspects of your little one’s oral wellness and development, and this most certainly includes how to manage your baby’s new teeth.

The preparation begins early, even before the very first tooth grows in. After feedings, wipe your baby’s gums with a soft cloth or a similar type sanitary item. Wet it with warm water and wipe firmly but gently. Soon enough, the eruption of teeth begins, and it is these baby teeth (or primary teeth) that will serve as vital tools for your child to chew food and to begin speaking. Once your baby’s new teeth begin to show, it is a good time to come in to see our Anaheim pediatric dentist. Cavity protection is critical. Kids love sugar, but it’s not good for their teeth to have too much, because dental plaque is spurred by sugar. And because it is plaque (and hardened tartar) that causes tooth decay and eventually cavities, it makes sense that the less plaque your child is dealing with, the higher level of dental wellness she or he is likely to experience. Brushing with toothpaste should begin by age two. Proper technique will yield the best outcomes, so feel free to ask for assistance. Moving forward, twice-yearly visits for a complete exam and teeth cleanings serve as the foundation of preventive care for him or her. Fluoride treatments and sealants can also be of enormous value.

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