Pediatric dentist in Anaheim

Pediatric Dentist in Anaheim

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Pedodontic office in Anaheim

Your child has dental needs that differ from yours, and for that reason, you want the focused and individualized care that we provide here at Jungle Dental. Our practice is based on gentle treatment and applying the expertise and experience that our pediatric dentist in Anaheim has built a stellar reputation on.

At the center of outstanding care is a complete examination and teeth cleaning every six months. Prevention is key. In addition, fluoride varnish and dental sealants are two crucial services that add greater protection so that your child has less chance of developing tooth decay and the cavities that result from it. When a cavity is detected, dental fillings are applied promptly to assist in keeping toothaches from occurring. It is important to keep those primary teeth healthy and strong so that they fall out on their normal schedule and provide sufficient room for permanent teeth to erupt. Our pediatric dentist in Anaheim also bolsters your child’s teeth with stainless steel crowns, in the even that they have suffered advanced decay or have chipped or cracked. Extractions are not ideal, but when they are unavoidable, they are done with skilled precision, and virtually no pain at all for your child. But if your child is nervous or scared of having oral surgery (completely understandable), he or she can take advantage of sleep dentistry. Among our other valuable services are interceptive orthodontics for early teeth straightening, braces, and emergency treatment. Our pedodontic office maintains a welcoming, friendly environment and makes use of the the most advanced equipment and techniques so that your child and you will feel at ease.

Make an appointment for her or him to come in and see our pediatric dentist in Anaheim, either for routine care or to address a specific issue. Reach out to us right now to schedule a convenient time.

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